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What are you looking for when you contract with essay writing service? You ought to be looking for custom essays. How is a custom essay different from any other essay written by any other essay writer? The key to writing in a custom manner is to make it look like you did it yourself. This is a talent that very few of even the most talented academic writers have ever even considered developing, but it can make a huge difference in the grade you get on the paper you turn in.

Can you imagine what your instructor would think if you handed in a high quality paper which sounded nothing like what you had ever written before? There would probably be some serious repercussions.

All essay writing services ought to be providing a custom essay to their customers. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, very few of them do this. Why does this happen? Very simply put, it is too difficult. Essay writers are more inclined to write the paper in their own style, and then instruct you to customize it yourself. Very often this can take about as long as writing the thing yourself. is the only service to look it when time is valuable to you. We are total masters of the customization process, having developed it almost scientifically over the last 15 years or so. Other services out there like to claim that they have the process down, but we advise you to be skeptical. The truth is nobody can claim to have invented the process – except for us.

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Many essay writing services can boast of the various degrees held by their writers. Masters, PhD’s and what not are very important in the professional academic writing business, but there is no replacement for custom writing. We work closely with our clients, taking writing samples and figuring out exactly what kind of expectations the instructor has.

We will complete the paper in as little or as much time as you need… within reason of course. We can’t put together a thesis or dissertation for you in 24 hours, and you know this. But we could probably do it in less than a week, depending on the amount of research needed. It is a complex process, figuring out how much time it will take to complete your assignment. But again, we have it down to a science. From the very beginning, our support team will gather all the vital information necessary to calculate the quickest time of completion possible. And that’s just the beginning of our superior service.

Customer satisfaction is always completely guaranteed. If you are not happy with what we deliver to you, we will work with you on it until it is perfect. It has been our experience that first time customers will come back for more service from us the more they understand that we want them to succeed just as much as they do.

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